College Bedding To Make Any Dorm Room Fabulous

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If you are a parent who will be sending one of your children away to college, you want to be sure that he or she has all of the comforts of home while living in a college dormitory.   Campus life is a major adjustment for your child as there are new people to meet and college life to adapt to.

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College dorm rooms are notorious for being crowded given the fact that often up to four students can be living in very cramped quarters for months at a time.   Often the only place a college student feels totally at home is in his or her bed in the dorm room.   This is where he will do a lot of reading and studying, listening to his iPod, and hanging out with friends as well as getting his much needed sleep.

You can make that college student very happy by giving her or him some great college bedding that is modern, in style and sure to make the roommates green with envy.

Today you can find college bedding that is designed with various college sports teams logos on the comforter and pillowcase to show true support for the home team-be it the LSU Tigers, the OSU Buckeyes or one of the dozens of other major universities in the country.

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You can also select college bedding that carries themes such as camouflage, wildlife and designer logos.

Most college beds of today are made extra long to accommodate college students so keep that in mind when shopping. Regardless of your son or daughter’s personal taste, there is a wide variety of fun and colorful patterns sure to please even the most finicky among them.

College bedding also comes in a wide variety of materials.   You can choose sleek satin bedding for the spring months and when the weather turns chilly buy a set or two of flannel sheet sets which are remarkably warm and cozy.

Many college students do not take a lot of care when it comes to doing their laundry while living in the dorm so, in light of this, many parents choose to send their kids off to campus with several sets of high thread count cotton sheets that wash and dry well yet also retain their softness.

Girl's Twin XL Coverlet and Sheet Set with Underbed Storage Bin

Twin XL Coverlet, Sheet Set, and Underbed Storage Bin

High quality bedding will also hold up to the commercial washers and dryers that your child will likely use if they live in a dorm.   Consider sending your son or daughter away with at least two sets of bedding due to the fact that students tend not do their laundry very frequently.

College bedding can be found at some of the major bedding retailers on the web.  Take your time and browse through the wide variety and be sure to choose bedding that you know your child will use, love and be proud of.

The college years are often some of the best and most memorable years in a person’s entire life.  You can contribute to those memories by giving the gift of college bedding to the university student in your life.  You will be rewarded for your generosity with some good old-fashioned parental peace of mind knowing that you sent your kid off to college with some top-notch dorm room bedding.

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